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‘Exhibiting the End: Curatorial Scenarios of Burial, Contamination and Extinction’, Journal of Curatorial Studies 7.1, 2018, 96-120.

(Review article) Review of Venice Biennale 2017, MIRAJ 7:1, 2018, 176-185.

‘Archiving Irish and British Artists’ Video: A Conversation between Maeve Connolly and REWIND researchers Stephen Partridge and Adam Lockhart’, (Interview and discussion) MIRAJ 5.1&2, 2016, 204-215.

‘Chance, Flow and Measurement: Reviewing the Conference TIMING – On The Temporal Dimension of Exhibiting’,
Art & the Public Sphere, volume 1, number 3, 2014, 324-329.

‘Shared Viewing: Moving Images in the Cinema and Museum’,
Millennium Film Journal 58, 2013: 18-27.

‘Television, Outmoded Technologies and the work of Lana Lin’,
Moving Image Review & Art Journal 2.2., 2013: 282-289.

‘Artangel and the Changing Mediascape of Public Art’,
Journal of Curatorial Studies 2.2, 2013: 196-217.

‘Televisual Objects: Props, Relics and Prosthetics’,
Afterall 33 (2013): 66-77.

‘European Television Archives, Collective Memories and Contemporary Art’,
The Velvet Light Trap Issue 71, Spring 2013: 47-58.

‘Cinematic Space, Televisual Time and Contemporary Art’,
Critical Quarterly 54.3, 2012: 31-45.

‘Temporality, Sociality, Publicness: Cinema as Art Project’
Afterall 29, Spring 2012: 4-15.

‘Apperception, Duration and Temporalities of Reception: The Repetition Festival Show’
Moving Image Review & Art Journal 1.1, 2012: 53-57.

‘Looking Backwards into the Future: Steadicam Cinematography, Narrative Space and Urban Regeneration’
The Irish Review 39.1, Winter 2008: 78-92.

‘Of Other Worlds: Nature and the Supernatural in the Moving Image Installations of Jaki Irvine’
Screen 49, Issue 2, Summer 2008: 203-208.

‘Sighting an Irish Avant-garde in the intersection of Local and International Film Cultures’
Boundary 2: International Journal of Literature and Culture, vol.31 no. 1, spring 2004: 244-265.

‘A Cause for Celebration? Festivals of Irish Film At Home and Abroad’
Moving Worlds: A Journal of Transcultural Writings vol 3 no 1, 2003: 18-32.

‘Re-imagined Communities? Ireland, Europe and the Web as Shifting Sites of Television Discourse’
Irish Communications Review, vol 9, 2003: 1-7.