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Academic Presentations

Paper on ‘Smartphones, Sampling and Multi-tasking’, presented at Console-ing Passions, 2015.

(Peer-reviewed conference) ‘Bodies, Limbs and Intermediary Entities in Sarah Browne’s Work’, NECS: European Network for Cinema and Media Studies, 2017 Conference, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3, 29 June 2017.

‘Theorising Cinematography in Irish Cinema and Artists’ Film’, Irish cinema: the national and the international: symposium for Kevin Rockett, School of Drama, Film and Music, Trinity College Dublin, 20 May 2016.

‘Art, Television and Invisible Internet Infrastructure’, Expanded Television, Cologne University, Jan 14-15, 2016.

‘Conceptualising and Locating Cinematic Space’, Cinema and Media Studies Colloquium, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, South Korea, 7 September 2016.

‘Marginal Collaborations: Cinematography in Irish Artists’ Moving Image’, Seminar on The Margins of Cinema in the English-speaking World, Département Études du monde anglophone (DEMA) Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès, 1 April 2016.

‘Mined and Mediated Bodies: Affect, Emotion and Acting in Art Practice’, Digital Affects seminar, Trinity College Dublin, March 7, 2016.

(Peer-reviewed conference) ‘Smartphones, Sampling and Multi-tasking: Observing and Choreographing Women’s Work’ (on the work of Sarah Browne and Wendelien van Oldenborgh), Console-ing Passions: Rebooting Feminism, Dublin, June 18-20, 2015.

‘Repurposing Broadcast Infrastructures in Television & Art Practice’, Department of Media, Communications and Culture Research Seminar, Stirling University, October 13, 2015.

(Peer-reviewed conference) ‘Altered Physicality in Contemporary Art: Histories and Practices’ College Art Association 2014, Chicago, February 14, 2014.

‘Cinematic Mind-Games in the Gallery: Film Theory and Art Practice’ and Workshop: ‘Conceptualising the Cinematic in Contemporary Art’, XI MAGIS Gorizia International Film Studies Spring School, Gorizia, Italy, March 15-21, 2013.

(Peer-reviewed conference)‘Fluid Subjects, Skin, and Foreign Bodies in Recent Film and Installation’ Film-Philosophy Conference 2013: Beyond Film, University of Amsterdam and EYE Film Institute Netherlands, July 10-12, 2013.

‘Post Cinematic Media and The Encyclopedic Palace: Dissolutions and Rearticulations of Perspective at the Venice Biennale’  Dissolutions of Perspective in Post Cinema, Free University of Berlin, November 22-23, 2013.

(Peer-reviewed conference) ‘Public Monuments and Landmarks as Motifs in Cinema and Contemporary Art’ Motifs of the Moving Image, IKKM, Bauhaus-University Weimar, March 28-30, 2012.

(Peer-reviewed conference) ‘Artangel and the Changing Mediascape of Public Art in the UK: From Billboards to Broadcast Media and Beyond’ College Art Association Conference 2012, Los Angeles, February 24, 2012.

(Peer-reviewed conference) ‘Media Citizenship, Television and the Contemporary Art Museum’ Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference 2011, New Orleans, USA, March 12 , 2011.

‘Staging Mobile Spectatorship in the Moving Image Installations of Amanda Beech, Philippe Parreno, and Ryan Trecartin/Lizzie Fitch’ Display/Dispositif: Aesthetic Modes of Thought, Kunsthistorisches Institut, University of Cologne, 10-12 May 2012.

‘Rethinking Remediation: Temporalities of Contemporary Art Exhibition’ Rewriting History: Interrogating the Past and the Question of Medium Specificity,  AHRC Artists’ Moving Image Research Network, University of the Arts – Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, January 19, 2011.

‘Exhibiting Cinematic Space and Televisual Time in the Contemporary Art Museum’ Moving Image and Institution: Cinema and The Museum In The 21st Century, Centre for Research in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CRASSH), University of Cambridge, UK, 7 July 2011.

(Peer-reviewed conference)‘Curating Before and After Conflict: The Prehistory of the Crisis at Project Arts Centre and Belfast Exposed’, paper presented at Conflicting Views: Visual Culture, Conflict & Northern Ireland,  Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Dublin, June 10, 2010.

(Peer-reviewed conference)‘Visualizing the Viewing Public: Kutlug Ataman, Thomas Hirschhorn and the Return of the Television Audience’, College Art Association Conference 2010, Chicago, USA, February 10-13, 2010.

‘Visualising the Viewing Public: Exhibitions and Audiences in the Post-Broadcast Era’, Seminar presentation, Centre for Media Research, University of Ulster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland, April 28, 2010.

‘A Play for Today: Theatrical and Televisual Currents in Curatorial Practice’, Dramatizing the Political 2, University of Ulster, Belfast, Northern Ireland, September 17, 2010.

‘Visualising Everyday Life in the Presentation Order: Site, Gender and Genre in Presentation Sisters by Tacita Dean’, Visualising Ireland, Visualising Gender, Humanities Institute of Ireland, University College Dublin, June 5, 2010.

‘On Location: Ireland, Artists’ Film and Problems of Representation in Contemporary Art Practice’ Landscape as the Locus for Artistic Transfers Between Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain From 1968 To The Present Day,  A collaboration between Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle University and One Piece at a Time (CIRHAC, Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne),  Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris, France, Thursday 25 November 2010.

(Peer-reviewed conference) ‘Urban Landmarks and “Regenerated Cityscapes” in Helen (Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor/desperate optimists, 2008), Framing Film: Cinema and the Visual Arts, University of Winchester, UK, September 4-6, 2009.

(Peer-reviewed conference)‘Imaginary Cinemas: The Architecture of the Movie Theatre in Artists’ Film and Video’, Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference 2008, Philadelphia, USA, March 6-9, 2008.

(Peer-reviewed conference) ‘Interrogating the Archive: Artists’ Cinema in Ireland’, Future Histories of the Moving Image, University of Sunderland, UK, November 16-18, 2007.

(Peer-reviewed conference) ‘Of Other Worlds: Nature and the Supernatural in the Moving Image Installations of Jaki Irvine’, Screen Studies Conference 2007, University of Glasgow, Scotland, July 6-8, 2007.

(Peer-reviewed conference)‘Biennials and Blockbusters: The Peripheral Spaces of Artist’s Film and Video’, Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference 2006, Vancouver, Canada, March 2-5, 2006.

(Peer-reviewed conference) ‘Feminist Film Practice and the Formation of Irish National Cinema’, Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference 2005, Institute of Education, London, UK, April 1, 2005.

(Peer-reviewed conference)‘Towards A Critical Context for Irish Avant-garde Film, Past and Present’, Experimental Film Today, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK, July 4-6, 2003.

(Peer-reviewed conference) ‘Film History Out of Sync: Narrative Disruption in Joe Comerford’s Traveller (1981)’, Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference 2003, Minneapolis, USA, March 6-9, 2003.