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Catalogue Texts

‘Jonathan H. S. Ross: The Parasite and the Pavilion’, Unchorus 2023, edited by Rosie Hermon and Eileen Daly, London: Freelands Foundation, 2023: pp. 169-182 ISBN: 978-1-8382572-3-1

‘Cloud Bodies’,  Jordan Baseman, A Different Kind of Different, London: Matt’s Gallery, 2021: 1-15. ISBN: 9781912717149

(Catalogue text, in English and German),‘Turn About and Within’, Irina Gheorghe: Methods for the Study of What Is Not There, Berlin: Bierke Verlag, 2021: 19-29.

(Exhibition text, republished) ‘We Speak Stone’, Barbara Knezevic: Tools for Wellbeing, Dublin: RHA, 2021, 18-21.

(Exhibition text) ‘Pigments and Proper Names‘, Ochre, Wexford Arts Centre, June 2021.

(Exhibition text) ‘Immediate Goals’, Little did they know: EVA International, April 2021

(Catalogue text), ‘Aleana Egan: Incorporating the Unseen’, And the days run away like wild horses over the hills, Dublin: Avenue Arts, 2019 (unpaginated).

(Catalogue Essay, published in English and English) ‘The Matter of Recognition’, Flora:  Teresa Hubbard/Alexander Birchler, edited by Susanne Touw, Berlin: Hatje Cantz, 2019: 87-93. ISBN 9783775745642

(Catalogue essay, published in English, French and German), ‘The Edges of Being’, Melanie Manchot: Open-Ended Now, Vitry-sur-Seine: MAC VAL and Kunsthaus Pasquart, 2018: 230-237. ISBN: 9782900450017

(Essay) ‘Beholding Gravity’, SOLO: Mairead O’hEocha, Vicenza: AMC Collezione Coppola, 2018 (unpaginated).

(Exhibition Text), ‘We Speak Stone’, Barbara Knezevic: Lithophone, Oonagh Young Gallery, Dublin, 2018, unpaginated.

(Catalogue Essay, published in English and in French, translated by Emilie Noteris) ‘Le méchanic du “maintenant”/Die Funktionsweise des Jetzt/The Mechanics of Now’, in Gerard Byrne: A Late Evening in the Future: Signal, Spectre, System, edited by Sven Anderson, Gerard Byrne and Peter Maybury, Vienna: Verlag für moderne Kunst, 2018, 33-38. ISBN: 9783903228672 (French/English); ISBN: 9783903131019 (German/English)

(Catalogue essay) ‘Settlement, Shelter and Stowaway: From Location to Logistics‘, Screen City Biennial Journal 2017

(Catalogue Essay), ‘Permutations of the Prop‘, in Forms of Imagining: Additionals: Céline Condorelli, edited by Tessa Giblin and Emer Lynch, Dublin: Project Arts Centre, 2016, 4-11. ISBN: 978187249510

(Catalogue Essay), Our Time of TeachingOlivia Plender: Rise Early, Be Industrious, edited by Remco de Blaaij, Gerrie van Noord and Olivia Plender, Arnolfini,  Bristol, CCA Glasgow,  MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, Walter Phillips Gallery, the Banff Centre, and Sternberg Press, Berlin, 2015: 58-73. ISBN: 9783956791741

(Catalogue Essay), ‘Architectures of Improvement’, (on the work of Kevin Atherton, Jeremy Deller and Jesse Jones), Primal Architecture, Dublin: Irish Museum of Modern Art, 2015: 10-12. ISBN: 97819097792074

(Catalogue Essay), ‘Reverberations in Time and Space’, Susan Philipsz: You Are Not Alone, edited by James Lingwood and Brigitte Franzen, Cologne: Koenig Books, 2014: 82-84. ISBN 9783863354053

(Introduction) ‘Introduction to Phillip Warnell’s Outlandish: Strange Foreign Bodies’, vdrome.org, March-April 2014.

(Catalogue Essay),‘Tractors, Tanks and Surveillance Towers: Declan Clarke’s Group Portrait with Explosives, Mother’s Annual, Dublin: mother’s tankstation, 2014.

(Exhibition text) ‘Staging Mobile Spectatorship in the Moving Image Installations of Amanda Beech, Philippe Parreno, and Ryan Trecartin/Lizzie Fitch’, Amanda Beech: All Obstructing Walls Have Been Broken Down, Belfast: Catalyst Arts, 2014.

(Profile) Essay on the work of Michelle Deignan, LUX, August 2014.

(Exhibition text) ‘Nathaniel Mellors: Exile from E-Den’, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, October 2014

(Catalogue Essay), ‘Alex Martinis Roe: A Speculative Gathering,’ NEW13, edited by Charlotte Day, Melbourne: Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, 2013: 16. ISBN: 9780987173270

(Catalogue Essay),‘Unfortunate Things’ (essay on the work of Phil Collins) Artes Mundi 5 2012: Wales International Visual Art Exhibition and Prize, Cardiff: Artes Mundi, 2012: 50-55. ISBN: 9780955237935

‘To Unfold Indefinitely’, Bea McMahon: Jesus and Chlorophyll, Amsterdam: Rijksakadmie van Beeldende Kunsten, 2012 (unpaginated). ISBN 9781903895153

The  Chorus and the Contemporary Ruin  (on the work of Bik Van der Pol), In Context 3, edited by Sarah Searson, Dublin: South Dublin County Council, 2011.

‘Proximity in Public’ in Laura Horelli, edited by Kathrin Becker and Sophie Goltz, Berlin: Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, 2011: 20-23. [Published in English and German]. ISBN: 9783863351137

‘On the Threshold: Artists, Residents and Urban Renewal’ (on works by Renee Kool and Neeltje ten Westenend) in Looking at Overvecht, Other Ways of Picturing the Post-War Housing Estate, edited by Lonnie van Brummelen and Catja Edens, Utrecht: Gemeente Utrecht, 2011: 129 – 152. [Published in English and Dutch]. ISBN: 9789080480704

‘Architecture, Television, Archaeology: Gerard Byrne’s subject, 2009′ Images or Shadows: Gerard Byrne, edited by Pablo Lafuente, Dublin: Irish Museum of Modern Art, 2011: 71-90. ISBN: 9781907020612

‘Bradbury and Beyond’ (in response to the work of Gerard Byrne) The Science of Imagination, edited by Hajnalka Somogyi, Kati Simon and Thomas D. Trummer, Budapest: Ludwig Museum, Budapest and Siemens Stiftung, 2011: 38-43.ISBN: 9789639537279

‘Between Space, Site and Screen’ Actors Explain Biennials in Mandarin, [Biennial curated by Hongjohn Lin and Tirdad Zolghadr]. Taiwan: Taipei Biennial 2010 and Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 2011: 60-70. ISBN 9789860268669

‘A Question Like A Loop’ If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution Edition III Masquerade, Magazine 5: Sarah Pierce, Amsterdam: If I Can’t Dance, 2010: 5-13.

‘An Alternative Archive: Vivienne Dick and the Future of Irish Cinema’ Between Truth and Fiction: The Films of Vivienne Dick, ed. Treasa O’Brien, London: LUX and The Crawford Art Gallery, 2009: 70-77. ISBN: 9780954856984

‘The Material, The Immaterial, The Shining: Maeve Connolly and Anita Di Bianco in Conversation at the Irish Museum of Modern Art’ in Anita Di Bianco, Ghostwriter, Braunschweig: Kunstverein Braunschweig, 2009, 30-35. ISBN 9783929270846

‘Death-Defying Acts’ in Gary Coyle, At Sea: The Daily Practice of Swimming, Dublin: Kevin Kavanagh Gallery and Project Arts Centre, 2009: 66 -71. ISBN: 9780956053800.

‘Memory Flows: Traffic Series by Jennifer and Kevin McCoy’ Visualise Carlow 2007-2008, Carlow: Carlow Arts Office, 2008: 20-26.

‘Inside the Lighthouse’ (short essay on works by Karl Burke & Mark Garry, Eloise Calandre, Tom Flanagan, Simon Faithfull, Michael Fortune, Stephen Gunning, Lizzie Hughes, Jochen Kuhn, Jonas Mekas and John O’Connell) in Gavin Murphy (ed), House Projects: Artworks, Documents, Analysis,
Dublin, 2008: 61-66. ISBN: 9780954984427

‘Return Again: Subjectivity and Spectatorship in Niamh Malley’s “Vignettes”‘ Niamh O’Malley: Window, Siena: Papesse Centro Arte Contemporanea, 2007: 33-43. ISBN: 9788883413469

‘Imaginary Spaces, Activist Practices’ in Liz Burns, Jesse Jones et al, 12 Angry Films, Dublin: Fire Station Artists’ Studios, 2007: 17-23. ISBN: 9780953805549

‘Close Encounters: Cinema, Myth and Meaning’ Martin Healy: I Want to Believe, Dublin: Royal Hibernian Academy, 2007. ISBN: 1903875439

‘The Necessity of Being Lost’ in Desperate Optimists et al, Made in Liverpool 06: Beneath the Skin of the City, Liverpool: Liverpool Culture Company, 2007 (unpaginated). ISBN: 9780953676132

‘Vivienne Dick’ Commissioned essay for Luxonline, 2006.

‘Familiar and Fantastic Journeys’ In Context 2: Mythic Journey and Killinarden Short Shorts,
Dublin: South Dublin County Council, 2006 (unpaginated).

‘Parallel Worlds: Contemporary Irish Film Cultures’ Alabama Chrome, Dublin: Douglas Hyde Gallery, 2006. (Unpaginated) ISBN: 1905397038

‘Life in the Departure Lounge’ (contextual essay on transport and transit in contemporary art, referencing works by Glen Loughran and Yvonne McGuinness) Transit: 2004 Fringe Festival Visual Arts Programme, 2004 (unpaginated).

‘Souvenirs of Spectacle’ Finola Jones: Artificially Reconstructed Habitats, Canberra: Canberra Contemporary Art Space, 2004: 13-20. ISBN: 9781875526956

‘A Crime Dramatically Reconstructed, Again’ Greyscale/CMYK, edited by Kate Davis and Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt, Glasgow: Tramway, 2002. ISBN: 9518955646