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Installation view of Olivia Plender, Open Forum (2008-ongoing) installation view as part of ‘Rise Early, Be Industrious’, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes. Courtesy: MK Gallery. Photograph: Andy Keate. Image reproduced in Maeve Connolly, ‘Studio Spaces’, Frieze 155, May 2013.

‘Letter From North Norway: Disappearing Acts‘, Art Monthly 390, October 2015, 40.

‘Berlin’s New Society for Visual Arts’, (article on the NGBK Berlin) Enclave Review 8, 2013: 11-12.

‘Studio Spaces’, (article on works by Auto Italia South East, Gerard Byrne, CAC TV, Luke Fowler, Pierre Huyghe, Liz Magic Laser, Nam June Paik, Olivia Plender, Elizabeth Price, Katya Sander and Rirkrit Tiravanija), Frieze 155, May 2013: 208-212.

‘Thoughts About Curating Moving Images’, Interviewed by Filipa Ramos (with Erika Balsom and Chrissie Iles), Mousse Magazine 38, April 2013: 56-61.

‘Shane McCarthy Loop System’, Mousse Magazine Issue 37, February 2013: 142-145.

‘Moss Piglets, Meteorites and Mind-Games’, (article on Pierre Huyghe and Documenta 13) Fugitive Papers Issue 3, Autumn 2012: 16-19.

‘Staging Television: James Coleman’s So Different…and Yet, Mousse Magazine 27, February 2011: 160-165.

Writing After the Exhibition: Tactically Yours The Visual Artists News Sheet, November/December 2009: 4.

‘Writing After the Exhibition: In Absentia’ The Visual Artists News Sheet, July/August 2009: 6.

‘Writing After the Exhibition’ The Visual Artists News Sheet, March/April 2009: 4.

City Report – Dublin Frieze, June 2009, 182-183.

‘Abstraction and Dislocation in Recent Works by Gerard Byrne’ CIRCA: Irish and International Visual Culture 113, Autumn 2005: 31-42

‘In Conversation: Experience and Alterity at the 51st Venice Biennale’ (Exhibition preview), Contemporary 74, 2005: 22-24.

‘The Doubled Space of Willie Doherty’s Re-Run’ Filmwaves Issue 23, Winter 2004: 8-10.

‘Excluded by the Nature of Things? Irish Cinema and Artist’s Film’ CIRCA: Irish and International Visual Culture 106, winter 2003: 33-39.